Our Story

Hello, we’re Blue & Bear 🐶

As children we both grew up surrounded by dogs, and loved taking them on forest walks, beach strolls, and exploring the world with our best friends. So after buying our first home, getting a dog was inevitable. It wasn’t a question of if, it was always when. In 2023, following a year of exploring, we welcomed Blue home. Since then our lives completely changed, swapping nights out in town for cosy nights in, days in London for walks in the park, and exotic beaches for woodland trails.


When buying Blue’s first harness, I didn’t really know what I was looking for. When I was a child, harnesses were few and far between, so I hadn’t any experience with them. I knew that I wanted a harness that would provide Blue with the right support, whilst looking super stylish, because who doesn’t want to look fabulous?


We wanted to find a harness that would reflect our connection with the outdoors, highlighting nature in all its glory. This was not as simple as we thought, as even in the vast market, few really gave us that feeling. So we figured rather than wait for someone else to do it, we would take the plunge and produce what we would want to see in the market, in the hope that others would agree!


At the start of 2024 we established Blue & Bear. With this brand we hope to share our passion for the outdoors through natural and elemental designs. Whilst inspired by nature, the true driving force behind the brand is our wonderful Cocker Spaniel puppy, Blue. Without whom, we may never have made this crazy, wonderful decision.

Blue & Bear combines nature and nurture, with designs reflecting the world around us, paired with the quality and comfort that our accessories offer. Our designs are beautifully illustrated in the Suffolk countryside to ensure your pup stands out whilst staying safe.


Our passion for the industry and love for dogs has been pivotal to creating this brand and producing the beautifully unique accessories that we have on offer. The goal is and always will be to express and share our adoration of dogs and fondness of the outdoors through our wonderfully designed accessories.


Much like Blue, We at Blue & Bear love seeing familiar faces, and meeting new dogs! Make sure you are following our Instagram and Pinterest for all the latest news and designs. You can also follow Blue himself on Instagram, and also on Pinterest for daily updates from the star of the show!