Product Disclaimer

Blue & Bear Product Disclaimer

No accessory or product can be considered truly indestructible or immune to damage. It is crucial that pet owners regularly inspect any accessories or items used by their dogs for signs of excessive wear, tear, or potential failure. The suitability and safety of any product for a particular pet rests solely on the owner's judgment and discretion.

Our range of accessories is designed to be durable and appropriate for regular, everyday use. Our products may not be suitable for dogs and puppies that exhibit aggressive tendencies, such as constant biting of accessories, or frequent and forceful pulling as they may not withstand the conditions they are put under. These accessories are intended strictly for domesticated dogs and puppies, they have not been designed for use with any other animal.

Please note that general wear and tear resulting from normal use does not qualify for refunds or replacements. Only genuine manufacturing defects, once properly inspected, will be eligible for refunds. We cannot guarantee any protective qualities of our products, and owners assume full responsibility for any damages incurred due to misuse, improper storage, or unforeseen circumstances during walks or other activities.

Due to the metal elements in our products, we recommend that all items are hand washed. For best results we recommend a gentle soap bath with warm water not above 40°C. Due to the materials used during production, products should not be machined dried. Improper care of your products may reduce their lifespan.